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Snow Hill Inc. Mission Statement

Snow Hill Inc. brings professionalism to the Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Snow Management industries by providing exceptional employment opportunities, superior service and stewardship of our community while maintaining the friendly relationship of a small town business. We seek to honor God in all we do by passionately pursuing excellence, inspiring teamwork, and demonstrating stewardship of our resources.

Snow Hill Inc. Employment Opportunities

At Snow Hill Inc. we are excited about the opportunity to create new jobs here in the local economy and are always looking for individuals who are interested in becoming a part of our excellent team! Openings vary depending on the season and current needs but can be either seasonal or year round as well as part time and full time. Current positions include, lawn care technicians (mowing), landscaping technicians, snow removal staff (shoveling and truck operators), maintenance mechanics and office staff. If you are interested in any of these areas fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to schedule a time to meet and discuss your future here at Snow Hill Inc.!

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