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Landscaping & Landscape Maintenance.

This established garden had not been weeded or maintained for
				several years after a complete makeover.  The landscape is now weed free and the flowers are well placed with enough room
				for each to be appreciated individually as well as with the others for a garden pleasing to the eye and relaxing to the mind.
				A stone path winds through the center, with an ornamental Japanese maple to the left and a peony in bloom to the right.
				The entire garden is covered with a fresh layer of dark brown mulch with bright greens, and yellow and purple flowers
				showing their lovely color.

This picture is of a garden we completely overhauled, weeded, moved plants, trimmed, and mulched.

Landscape Maintenance services include:

Landscaping services include:

Snow Hill Inc. has over 9 years of experience and is willing to take on any project. Our team is knowledgeable of both the local soils and climate. With several years experience in landscape installation and maintenance in Western NY, we can help your landscape flourish and bring beauty to your home. We always work with local suppliers and do our best to keep your business supporting the local economy. We take pride in providing the best quality work at a fair price.

A large shrub-trimming job. It had been at least 6 years since these shrubs had been trimmed.

Side view of house and bushes in Hornell, NY,
						these shrubs are severely overgrown and
						barely have any distinguishable shape or individuality. Several are more than sixteen feet
						tall and are rubbing up against the house and blocking the sunlight view out the first floor
						windows. The shrubs are now trimmed and
						shaped into cone and round shapes and complement
						the house exterior rather than hiding it. The bushes have been trimmed away from the
						house by about eight inches to prevent rubbing noise and also help control insects that
						would try to get into the house.



Front view of a residential property in
						Hornell, NY, the bushes and shrubs were severely
						out of control and beginning to overtake the front steps and entryway. Matthew is in
						the foreground shaping a round bush with Stihl hedge trimmers, wearing the Snow Hill
						uniform; Carhartt brown pants, grey shirt and brown cap with the Snow Hill Inc. logo. The shrubs are now shaped into
							smooth rounded bushes with clean lines and the front
							entryway is clearly accessible. The house looks much more attractive and well kept from
							the street, and looks maintained rather than neglected. Matthew is in the background
							blowing off the sidewalks with a Stihl backpack blower as the crew finishes cleaning up
							and taking pictures.

A complete garden weeding, trimming and mulching. This garden had not been maintained for two years.

An overgrown garden in Alfred Station,
						New York; weeds and overgrown bushes are
						completely dominating the house exterior. The once beautiful shrubs are now unshapely
						and lost into the weeds. The edge of the garden blends into the lawn, and the house
						windows are hidden by the overgrowth. A beautiful landscape again,
						this home in Alfred is now clearly visible, the bushes have
						been trimmed, controlled, and shaped and the weeds are all removed. The garden is
						crisply edged and fresh natural brown mulch provides a clean backdrop for the colors of
						the bushes and flowers to be viewed against.



A complete yard reclaiming. This yard had not had any attention for 10-20 years and was overgrown with brush and weeds.

A very overgrown back hill of a
						house, this area had not been maintained for many
						years and was completely overtaken by honeysuckle, multi-flower rose, thorn brush,
						golden rod and other weeds. After several hours work pulling brush,
						cutting down weeds, and pushing off debris, this
						area of the yard is now reclaimed and can be planted to lawn or maintained as the owners
						desire. For now it is cleared and reusable property here in Alfred Station, New York.
You can see more pictures of these and other Snow Hill lawn and landscaping projects in our gallery.

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