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Snow Hill Inc. Repair Service!

Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair

Snow Hill Inc. is excited to begin offering lawn mower and small engine repair services again. Whether you need regular seasonal maintenance, blade sharpening, belt replacement or mower repair, Snow Hill Inc.'s well equipped shop is ready to get your equipment back to work.

Repair and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is the best insurance against breakdowns when you need your mower working. Our Spring or Fall Tuneups include: Changing the oil, changing spark plugs, replacing the air filter, changing the fuel filter (if equipped), changing the oil filter (if equipped), sharpening blades (mowers), checking the battery (if equipped), cleaning the mower deck, and checking all drive belts.

Blade sharpening

We offer the best lawnmower blade sharpening available! Our specially designed sharpener will give the you sharpest edge on your lawnmower blades without overheating and stressing the blade. We also sharpen blades to the factory angle for the best mowing results and precision balance every blade for the smoothest mower operation and the longest equipment life. This sharpening system is designed for commercial users and provides a much better edge than can be achieved simply using a bench or handheld grinder. Sharp lawn mower blades are the key to efficient mowing and a healthy lawn. Dull lawnmower blades actually tear the grass rather than cutting it which stresses the grass and turns it brown faster, a sharp mower blade helps keep your lawn healthy and green! Our own mower blades are sharpened twice a week but the average consumer will have great results if their blades are sharpened once or twice per season. Get your lawnmower blades sharpened now and be ready for the lush spring grass!

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