Bulk Mulch and Mulch Delivery

We are excited to offer our customers bulk mulch sales. Our DIY’er customers will love the premium triple ground natural brown hardwood, dyed black or red hardwood we stock. Mulch is priced by the cubic yard and can be delivered in any quantity from 1 to 8 yard loads. For reference an average full size pick-up truck can fit almost 3 yards in the bed. Mulch can be dumped on site for your own installation.  Call or email to schedule your delivery today. Prices start at only $35/yard with delivery price based on travel distance and quantity, free delivery in the Alfred area!

Mulch Installation and Mulching

Mulch installation not only adds to the beauty of your landscaping but it also helps your plants and flowers stay healthy. A good 2-3½” thick layer of natural mulch holds moisture in the ground meaning your plants will need less frequent watering. Mulch also limits weed growth, and, as it composts adds nutrient to the soil. Contact us today to get an estimate for having fresh mulch installed on your gardens this season! We also offer Certified Playground Chips and Mushroom Compost for your other mulching needs. Playground chips are ideal for children’s play areas or path areas where a drier, firmer, mulch chip is desired. When putting in a new vegetable or looking to improve overall soil quality Mushroom compost is an excellent soil amendment.

You are in safe hands and so are our employees

Snow Hill Inc. keeps safety a strong focus, our employees always wear ear and eye protection. We use safety cones for visibility whenever we need to park in the road. We securely fasten all equipment during transport and we use DOT approved gas cans to prevent spillage of fuel. Our employees are covered with workman’s comp. and all other insurance coverage’s required by law.

Reliable, Fair and Professional

Snow Hill Inc. is fully insured including liability and workmans comp. policies and can provide an insurance certificate if needed to any customer, we are also licensed (14-2186) in the city of Hornell and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We aim to use the best quality equipment on the market and strive for a premium service every time through reliability, fair pricing, and excellent results. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn a finish that will stand out, we always stripe your lawn as our trademark of a professionally maintained lawn!