Lawn Mower and Small Engine Repair

Snow Hill Inc. is excited to begin offering lawn mower and small engine repair services again. Whether you need a spring tune-up, regular seasonal maintenance, blade sharpening, belt replacement or mower repair, Snow Hill Inc.’s well equipped shop is ready to get your equipment back to work.

Small Engine Repair & Maintenance
Regular Maintenance is the best insurance against breakdowns when you need your mower working. Our Spring or Fall Tuneups include: Changing the oil, changing spark plugs, replacing the air filter, changing the fuel filter (if equipped), changing the oil filter (if equipped), sharpening blades (mowers), checking the battery (if equipped), cleaning the mower deck, and checking all drive belts.
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening
We offer the best lawnmower blade sharpening available! Our professional shop grade sharpener will give the you sharpest edge on your lawnmower blades without overheating and stressing the blade. We also sharpen blades to the factory angle...

What you can expect:

  • No overheating, stressing of your blade (leads to shorter blade life)
  • Exact sharpening factory angles
  • Precise blade balancing
This sharpening system is designed for commercial users and provides a much better edge than what can be achieved with common shop tools. Sharp lawn mower blades are the key to efficient mowing and a healthy lawn. Dull lawnmower blades actually tear the grass rather than cutting it which stresses the grass and turns it brown faster, a sharp mower blade helps keep your lawn healthy and green! For the best mowing results, for the smoothest mower operation and the longest equipment life this is an incredible option for home-mowers.

You are in safe hands and so are our employees

Snow Hill Inc. keeps safety a strong focus, our employees always wear ear and eye protection. We use safety cones for visibility whenever we need to park in the road. We securely fasten all equipment during transport and we use DOT approved gas cans to prevent spillage of fuel. Our employees are covered with workman’s comp. and all other insurance coverage’s required by law.

Reliable, Fair and Professional

Snow Hill Inc. is fully insured including liability and workmans comp. policies and can provide an insurance certificate if needed to any customer, we are also licensed (14-2186) in the city of Hornell and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We aim to use the best quality equipment on the market and strive for a premium service every time through reliability, fair pricing, and excellent results. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn a finish that will stand out, we always stripe your lawn as our trademark of a professionally maintained lawn!