Landscaping & Landscape Maintenance

Snow Hill Inc. has over 10 years of experience in landscaping and landscape maintenance and is willing to take on any project, call us today to get your landscape started! Our team is knowledgeable of both the local soils and climate. With many years of experience in landscape installation and maintenance in Western NY, we can help your landscape flourish and bring beauty to your home. We always work with local suppliers and integrate native and beneficial plants into our designs. We take pride in providing the best quality work with excellent customer service.

Our landscape maintenance services includes :


A crisp hand cut spade edge defining the border between garden and lawn is not only makes a visually appealing landscape, but helps prevent your grass from spreading into the garden by causing the roots to have to bridge the open area. A fresh edge also contains the mulch in your garden.


Many ornamental trees and bushes need regular pruning for their best appearance and health. We will prune your trees and shrubs as needed and maintain the appearance of the landscape. We also offer fruit tree pruning in the late fall and winter while the trees are dormant.


Regular weeding is necessary to maintain the beauty and investment of well-designed landscape. Let the skilled Snow Hill team keep your garden looking fresh and clean. Garden maintenance such as weeding can be done yearly as requested or added to our growing list of regular clients letting you simply enjoy your garden without worrying about scheduling the next visit.


Mulch installation not only adds to the beauty of your landscaping but it also helps your plants and flowers stay healthy. A good layer 2-3″½ thick of natural mulch holds moisture in the ground meaning your plants will need less frequent watering. Mulch also limits weed growth, and, as it composts adds nutrient to the soil. We also offer delivery of bulk mulch sold by the yard.

Shrub, hedge, and bush trimming

Regular trimming during the growing season ensures your shrubs and hedges stay lush and green without growing out of control. Trimming your hedges is very beneficial to stimulate growth of new branches and reduce the chance of pests, making your hedges grow bushier and stronger all while improving its attractiveness.

Our landscaping services include:

Landscape design

The Snow Hill team will work with you to design a beautiful landscape plan that matches your tastes and your property and then put together a plan of action to implement it.

Annual flowerbed plantings

Annual flowers are the best way to add a splash of seasonal color to your landscape beds.

Perennial flower and bulb plantings

Perennial flowers and bulbs are a large part of the foundation of a beautiful landscape and if well planned, not only offer the earliest color in the spring, but throughout the entire season.

Fieldstone walls

Fieldstone is one of the most natural borders available today and is still the preferred choice in many landscapes whether for a low wall or to define the edge of a garden.

Paver Installation

Paver patios and walkways are an excellent way to improve the enjoyment of your home or professional landscape. Pavers make a wonderful outdoor patio or sidewalk and can vary from a small seating area to a large area for entertaining or dinner parties.

Retaining wall Landscapes

Concrete block is one of the most common retaining wall materials today and is still the preferred choice in many landscapes whether for a low wall or to retain a steep slope. Stacked Retaining Walls (SRW) when well designed and installed can last for years to come and bring beauty and usability to your landscape.

Lawn reseeding

We can re-grade an uneven lawn or bring in topsoil to top-dress your lawn and reseed thin areas. We can also repair damage to your lawn from vehicle traffic.

Brush clearing

Many types of brush in the area are invasive including hawthorn and honeysuckle; we can remove these and get your landscape back under control.

Tree and shrub removal

Complete tree and shrub removal and disposal using the proper equipment and safety precautions. If you need a professional arborist for large tree removal contact us, and we can refer you to a local professional if the job is too big for our capabilities.
Landscape Retaining wall and steps with fresh landscaping
Landscape Retaining Wall step installation

You are in safe hands and so are our employees

Snow Hill Inc. keeps safety a strong focus, our employees always wear ear and eye protection. We use safety cones for visibility whenever we need to park in the road. We securely fasten all equipment during transport and we use DOT approved gas cans to prevent spillage of fuel. Our employees are covered with workman’s comp. and all other insurance coverage’s required by law.

Reliable, Fair and Professional

Snow Hill Inc. is fully insured including liability and workmans comp. policies and can provide an insurance certificate if needed to any customer, we are also licensed (14-2186) in the city of Hornell and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We aim to use the best quality equipment on the market and strive for a premium service every time through reliability, fair pricing, and excellent results. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn a finish that will stand out, we always stripe your lawn as our trademark of a professionally maintained lawn!