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"Professional Lawn Care With A Home Town Touch!"

High quality lawn mowing for both residential and commercial accounts is our core service at Snow Hill Inc., our ten years of experience allows us to make your property look its best!

Our full service lawn care includes:

  • Mowing

  • Lawn mowing includes regular weekly or bi-weekly cutting of all grass areas on your property to the appropriate height for the grass and time of year.

  • Lawn Striping

  • This is achieved by alternating the direction of cut, giving your lawn that professional appearance! The direction of the stripes will be alternated weekly to keep your lawn growing healthy and avoid any possible rutting.

  • Trimming

  • All obstacles including trees, gardens, fences, and bushes are trimmed around at every visit.

  • Edging

  • All concrete edges along sidewalks and driveways will are edged to keep a crisp well-defined line, nothing says well maintained like clean lines!

  • Debris blown from hard surfaces

  • All grass clippings from mowing, trimming, and edging will be blown off hard surfaces and back into the lawn areas for a finishing touch, with the only sign that we�ve been there being the freshly mowed lawn!

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We also offer:

  • Spring cleanups

  • Clean-up of any fallen leaves and branches, raking out gravel, and repairing plow

    turf damage.

  • Fall cleanups

  • Fall cleanups include leaf removal described below as well as fallen limb and stick

    cleanup, and trimming back perennial flowers and ornamental grasses for the

    dormant season.

  • Leaf removal

  • Complete leaf removal including from gardens and hedges. Leafs can be dumped

    on the property for compost or removed and recycled.

  • Turf repair from snow removal damage

  • We can re-install sod or reseed with new grass for our climate.

  • Landscape renovations
Freshly mowed and striped lawn with the Snow Hill equipment lined up
					including our Ferris commercial zero turn mowers, Stihl trimmers and sidewalk edger, blower, landscaping
					trailer and truck with our name and Snow Hill logo on the side

Snow Hill Inc. focuses on providing you the highest quality lawn care possible through dedicated employees who focus on quality and customer service. We believe in making every aspect of our image as clean and professional as possible. Our employees will always be in uniform to be easily recognized and professional in appearance while working on your property.

Snow Hill Inc. keeps safety a strong focus, our employees always wear ear and eye protection. We use safety cones for visibility whenever we need to park in the road. We securely fasten all equipment during transport and we use DOT approved gas cans to prevent spillage of fuel. Our employees are covered with workman’s comp. and all other insurance coverage’s required by law.

Snow Hill Inc. is fully insured including liability and workmans comp. policies and can provide an insurance certificate if needed to any customer, we are also licensed (14-2186) in the city of Hornell and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We aim to use the best quality equipment on the market and strive for a premium service every time through reliability, fair pricing, and excellent results. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn a finish that will stand out, we always stripe your lawn as our trademark of a professionally maintained lawn!

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