Equipment Maintenance

Small Engine Repair, Tune Ups, Blade Sharpening

It’s important to get the full life out of your equipment within p roper maintenance and repair. We have been repairing small engines for over 20 years and have highly skilled mechanics on staff who not only repair our own equipment, but can help get yours working again, too.

Our Services


Our shop rate is $75 per hour for regular repairs not including our tuneup services.

Our small engine repair includes the following:

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Tune Ups

Equipment needs to be properly maintained to keep running efficiently, just like the engine of your vehicle. This can help extend the life of your equipment and save a lot of money in replacement costs. Before the season starts, make sure your mower is ready to fire up and perform the way you need it to.

Our tune up services include:

Blade Sharpening


We offer the best lawnmower blade sharpening available! Our professional shop grade sharpener will give the you sharpest edge on your lawnmower blades.

What you can expect:

This sharpening system is designed for commercial users and provides a much better edge than what can be achieved with common shop tools. Sharp lawn mower blades are the key to efficient mowing and a healthy lawn. Dull lawnmower blades actually tear the grass rather than cutting it which stresses the grass and turns it brown faster, a sharp mower blade helps keep your lawn healthy and green!
For the best mowing results, for the smoothest mower operation and the longest equipment life this is an incredible option for home-mowers.


Push mower tuneup: $99.95

Riding lawn mower tuneup: $199.95

We offer pickup and delivery starting at $50.

Extra parts are additional.

Call us to schedule your drop off or pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we need additional parts to fix your small engine, it will be an additional cost from the labor charge and tune up fee.
The wait time during our busier season is 1-3 weeks. Please contact us to schedule your pick up or drop off and we will give you an estimation of completion time.

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