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It’s easy to fall behind on mowing when you’ve had a long week at work. Your time is valuable and you’d rather be spending it enjoying your weekends rather than revving up the mower and trimmer. You can offload this weekly chore to our efficient, meticulous lawn care crew. Snow Hills Inc. is reliable and equipped to consistently maintain your yard so you beam with pride when you pull in the driveway.

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Our regular weekly Lawn Care Services include:

All executed with well cared for equipment. Our equipment blades are sharpened twice a week!

Our Deep Bench of Crewmembers and Equipment Ensures You Aren’t Forgotten


Whether you’re a homeowner looking for some relief or a business owner looking for reliable lawn care services, we want your property to give a great first impression.

Our team is staffed with skilled mechanics who are experts at engine repair. That means even if our equipment fails, not only do we have backups but we have the ability to repair or own equipment without waiting on parts of labor from other shops. This gives us the unique ability to be especially consistent even when things don’t go our way. Our crews are accountable to Crew Leads so even if your technician changes, your quality of service does not.

If you want the security and peace of mind that your lawn will be well maintained and always looking its best, then we are a good fit for your needs.

Equipment Fleet, Mowers, Trucks & Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions


Once a week. We create recurring weekly mowing schedules and efficiently from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Regular mowing keeps your grass healthy and promotes growth. Spacing out mowings longer than that often leads to over-cutting which damages your grass, creates excess clippings, and can lead to an unhealthy lawn. Except in drought conditions, once a week is perfect for keeping your grass green and healthy.

We will not mow in saturated ground conditions and turn your yard into a mudhole. During significant amounts of rain we’ll push back the entire schedule a day to make sure it has had some time to dry out. For longer-lasting storms we might need to push the schedule back a couple of days.

If your grass isn’t experiencing normal growth or if we are in danger of damaging your lawn, we will switch to an as-needed or bi-monthly schedule.

After you contact us we will provide you an estimate for mowing and trimming your property, whether it’s residential or commercial.

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