Full Service Snow Removal

Snow Hill Inc. is pleased to offer full service snow removal in the towns of Alfred, Almond, Andover, Belfast, Belmont, Bolivar, Cuba, Friendship, Hornell, Scio, and Wellsville, NY.

Snow Hill Inc. has been keeping parking lots and driveways clear of snow since the fall of 2010, and we take pride in excellence and professionalism. We are equipped to handle whatever the weather brings to Western NY. We use modern vehicles and innovative snow removal equipment. Call today for a free estimate.

Property Preservation

Before the first snowfall, your property will be assessed and marker stakes placed at boundaries, utilities and fire hydrants for your safety and to minimize property damage. Photographs and/or video to document current property conditions will also be taken. At the end of the season snow stakes will be removed and repairs made to any minor turf damage that may have occurred.

Driveway Snow Plowing

Driveways are cleared early in the morning ensuring you get to work on time. Snow Hill Inc. uses reliable equipment with quiet exhaust systems to minimize noise in the early morning. While plowing, snow is piled as far off your driveway as possible to ensure there is room for future storm accumulations. We are also careful not to damage turf or landscaping nearby. Whether you have a small lot in the City of Hornell, or a larger parking area in Wellsville or North Hornell we can tailor our service to your needs.

Clearing Sidewalks

Sidewalks are cleared of snow efficiently with blowers or plastic shovels that will not scratch concrete or pavers but will clear away snow and ice effectively.

De-icing using premium rock salt

Rock salt is the most economical way to melt snow and ice, applied properly it will melt snow and ice from hard surfaces efficiently down to 15º F. Rock salt is safe to use on asphalt and dirt surfaces.

Parking Lot Plowing

Commercial parking lots are plowed in the early morning to allow your business to open without interference from our equipment. Specific scheduling needs can be accommodated to fit your business. All vehicles are equipped with warning lights and backup cameras for the safety of your employees and patrons.

Parking Lot Salting

A sodium/magnesium chloride blend is a more expensive ice melt option that is safer on concrete surfaces or near vegetation and works to melt snow and ice down to -7º F. This blend is typically applied to sidewalks and concrete driveways.

You are in safe hands and so are our employees

Snow Hill Inc. keeps safety a strong focus, our employees always wear ear and eye protection. We use safety cones for visibility whenever we need to park in the road. We securely fasten all equipment during transport and we use DOT approved gas cans to prevent spillage of fuel. Our employees are covered with workman’s comp. and all other insurance coverage’s required by law.

Reliable, Fair and Professional

Snow Hill Inc. is fully insured including liability and workmans comp. policies and can provide an insurance certificate if needed to any customer, we are also licensed (14-2186) in the city of Hornell and are Better Business Bureau accredited. We aim to use the best quality equipment on the market and strive for a premium service every time through reliability, fair pricing, and excellent results. We pride ourselves on giving your lawn a finish that will stand out, we always stripe your lawn as our trademark of a professionally maintained lawn!