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Bulk Mulch and Mulching

This established garden had not been weeded or maintained for
				several years after a complete makeover.  The landscape is now weed free and the flowers are well placed with enough room
				for each to be appreciated individually as well as with the others for a garden pleasing to the eye and relaxing to the mind.
				A stone path winds through the center, with an ornamental Japanese maple to the left and a peony in bloom to the right.
				The entire garden is covered with a fresh layer of dark brown mulch with bright greens, and yellow and purple flowers
				showing their lovely color.

A small mulch job.

Side view of house and bushes in Hornell, NY,
						these shrubs are severely overgrown and
						barely have any distinguishable shape or individuality. Several are more than sixteen feet
						tall and are rubbing up against the house and blocking the sunlight view out the first floor
						windows. The shrubs are now trimmed and
						shaped into cone and round shapes and complement
						the house exterior rather than hiding it. The bushes have been trimmed away from the
						house by about eight inches to prevent rubbing noise and also help control insects that
						would try to get into the house.



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